6 Tips To Get More Eyes On Your Blog


How do you get more eyes on your blog ?

Here are 6 simple tips that will get you more exposure.


To get more eyes on your blog you need to be offering some form of value and know your audience that you are speaking too. Help solve a problem with your product or service.

If you are in network marketing most need more leads or sales to grow their business.

1.  Share your post in all your social media networking sites. Such as Facebook,Google+, Twitter and any other site you use. 

When using Facebook post in the groups that are relevant to your niche and Facebook see’s it as valuable content, not spam. 

2. Post on the weekdays there is more readers than on the weekends. More folks like to read on their breaks at work.

3. Make sure your article is visually interesting meaning eye-catching use pictures and video . I would recommend video it gets better views. If you are not ready to do video’s of yourself explaining strategies then use video with powerpoint slides and your voice. 

4. Make sure your blog is SEO (Search Engin Optimization) friendly . If you need help with SEO you can use Yoast plug-in  it’s pretty self-explanatory .

5. Please use share buttons on your blog post it makes it easier for others to share with their networks.  

6. Comment on other people’s blogs and be sure to reply to your comments as well. 

Have fun and be of help to your audience if you learn something too share it.  You will get follower’s  who find your content helpful. Everyone connects differently to people and the way they do or explain things. You and your content just might be the answer to others prayer’s they have been looking for in their success.  That should make you feel grateful all in its self.