Sell Avon

The opportunity to sell Avon is available and when you do sign up to sell Avon, you are automatically enrolled in this incentive. All you have to do is place orders of $100 or more on time and pay for them on time in each of your first 4 campaigns.

When you reach the $100 sales level during each of your first 4 campaigns, you will receive a 40% discount / commission on all of your full earnings products (the exception is fixed earning products – any item in the book with a star in front of the description) including e-Sales. You will also receive some beauty samples every campaign (within the first 4) when you get sales of $100 or more to help you get started.

When you reach your $100 goal in all of your first 4 campaigns, Avon will also ship you a free product assortment valued at over $100. What more could you ask for? I would say Avon is rewarding New Representatives really well these days.

To Join Click On The Picture Above or Click Here .

Here are the starter kits Pick which would best fit your new Avon Business!