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Online marketing tips so you can get more leads. We all know that Facebook is #1 Online Marketing social media network to share your business but do you know that there are other smaller network communities that you can do your Online Marketing in as well. Yes of course there is Linkedin , Google+, Twitter, Pintrist and Instagram as well as Snap chat. But I’m talking about others that can be utilized too. Why limit your online marketing?

Really you should be Branding yourself  which is to get people to notice you. Just think about it for a minute every Top Leader had to start making there name and face be noticed before they became a leader in whatever there business is today.

When you offer value to your audience you start to brand you and  become an authority with others. We all can learn new skills and should be investing in one self all the time. There is always some new way or skill to be learned.   When you figure out what your the best at and know it well  then teach it to others,  that will build your authority. I am in many different social networks and have been on the first page of google.

My biggest mistakes were not how to share my business it was fear someone might ask me about me or my business. Online marketing does take time if anyone tells you different its not true. So if you are looking to make fast money just working online you are going to be disappointed if you are not branded.

So use all your other methods of sharing your business while you brand yourself. You should never rely on one way of marketing your business. Here are some of the other great social media networks That can help your branding and to get more leads to grow your business. These networks are all free to join! Once you have join then go a head and friend me and I will do the same ,you should post in them at least once a day. To start seeing results get social and add friends in each network. Remember to be consistent with your posting. Don’t give up Online Marketing takes time.

ReferralKey –     Rf

MLM Social –  mlm

APSense –  Apsese


IM faceplate –            IM


Naymz – – Naymz


IBOToolBox –